Thursday 10th October David Edwards, General Secretary of Education International, Steffen Handal – leader of Utdanningsforbundet and Colonel Dr. John Andreas Olsen – Defence attaché for the Norwegian Embassy in the UK have all written excellent reviews of the film which can be read here

Haldis Holst, Deputy General Secretary of Education International has written some important words about the film. Education International is a global federation of teachers’ trade unions with some 30 million members. Her comments can be seen here

Monday 7th October Rose Fawbert Mills, a teacher herself, has written a wonderful review about the screening at Cavia, Amsterdam. Her comments about the reaction really capture the power that the teachers’ story has on an audience.

Tuesday 1st October A fantastic UK launch of the film at the NEU headquarters on Friday. We were honoured to have representatives from the Norwegian Embassy, Education International, Utdanningsforbundet and, of course, the NEU present. The response was overwhelmingly positive. There was much discussion about the relevance and importance of the story in today’s world and many strong positive ideas about how we might use a grassroots approach to promote and distribute the film. We are now looking at how we might make the film widely available internationally. Education International are being very helpful in this. If you would like to book the film for your local organisation, please do get in touch via the contacts page.

Friday 27th September Tickets are still available for Friday’s launch as part of World Teachers’ Day, at the NEU headquarters, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, WC1H 9BD. You can register here The event begins at 1800 with a Q and A afterwards and a drinks reception. Tickets are free. We hope to see as many friends of the film there as possible.

Sunday 22nd September A really big week ahead. The launch at the National Education Union (co-hosted by the Norwegian Embassy) will be a fascinating occasion. Many guests from Norway will be there. Well over 150 tickets have already been sold and it looks like it will be a big audience. Also on the same night, the film will be screening at Cavia, Amsterdam, thanks to the great energy of Rose Fawbert Mills, a teacher herself. Our great friend, Erik Brakstad in the USA will be showing the film at Norway House, Minneapolis on Saturday 28th. Erik will be talking about his grandfather’s (Olav) role in the protest. Olav wrote a fascinating article in English and it was this that inspired the research for the documentary – so very fitting that Erik should be involved in the film. So nice to know that the Norwegian teachers’ story will be showing in three different countries on this weekend.

Sunday 22nd September A wonderful audience at the Plough Arts’ Centre, Great Torrington who really appreciated the film. Very interesting questions and discussion afterwards with some interesting parallels made to Danish and French resistance in WW2. One lady talked about the resistance of German teachers in the early stages of the war – a story we would really like to know more about.

Tuesday 10th September We have just finished the subtitled versions of the film in Norwegian, Spanish and French. More details will follow but in the meantime if you would like to screen any of these versions, please let us know via the contacts page.

Great to see that The Teachers’ Protest will have its first screening in the Netherlands on 27th September at Cavia, Amsterdam. More news to follow.

Monday 12th August Tickets are now on sale for the screenings at The Plough, Great Torrington, Devon on Wednesday 11th September and Sunday 22nd September. The screening on Sunday 22nd September will be followed by a Q and A. Tickets are available here.

Thursday 8th August A fantastic audience at the Globe, Chagford, to see the film as part of the build up to the Chagford Film Festival. Yuli Sømme gave a fascinating talk before the screening about her father’s role in the resistance. His story is published in Another Man’s Shoes – a republishing of his autobiography which includes the account of how Yuli and her sister retraced his miraculous escape to Sweden many years later.

Friday 26th July The film received its first US screening as part of Laborfest in San Francisco. Many thanks to Steve Zelter for organising this. Steve tells us that the discussion was fascinating and that the film speaks to an American audience.

Wednesday 10th July Fascinating to read the reviews written by students after watching the film at Skogfjorden, Minnesota, USA. The students watched the film as part of their summer camp and the comments were overwhelmingly positive. Just a selection … ’10/10 I would show it to my high school class. This made me cry, but it’s so important to talk about (age 16)’. ‘Very powerful, amazing artistic choices that enhanced the story. I loved the animation because it brought it to life in a way that wasn’t over-dramatised. Perfect balance. (age 19)’. ‘At the end. the modern teacher said: “being a teacher, you deal in hope.” That hit hard. The film skilfully and emotionally represent the true, powerful hope that these people had and the courage, the radical, integral, non-violent courage they had. (age 14).’ It is so encouraging to see that the story connects so powerful with these young people

Saturday 20th July What a great venue for a screening! Really honoured that the film was so well received at The Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, alongside such distinguished films as Nae Passaran, The Insider and War School. A good discussion afterwards and the first time the film has been shown in a mobile cinema. Many thanks to Chris Jury for organising such a great event.

Sunday 30th June Great to hear that we have funding for Norwegian subtitles. After consultation and discussion, we are pleased to announce that the film will be available with Norwegian subtitles. Originally we thought that the film would appeal to an international audience and hence the decision to make the film in English. We understood the story is well-known in Norway. However following many requests and lots of interest for screenings in Norway, we realise that it is important to have the film available with Norwegian subtitles. Subtitles will be carried out by Matinee and we hope to have this available in the next few weeks. More news about this to follow.

Thursday 20th June Education International have agreed to fund subtitled versions of the film in French and Spanish. We are very excited to know that this will build our international audience. More news about when these versions will be available to follow.

Sunday 16th June A great discussion after tonight’s screening at Studio 74. Several members of the audience had fascinating stories about their parents and grandparents involvement in the protest and Norwegian resistance. It’s great to know that the film is gathering such positive support.

Sunday 16th June A really nice article by Lee Morgan in D and C films, which has an interview and some more background about the film.

A war without weapons: Jon Seal on The Teachers’ Protest

‘What the teachers’ story tells us, is that you can fight without weapons and still win’. That’s what one of the contributors tells the documentary The Teachers’ Protest. The film, by Jon Seal, tells of steadfast resistance in the face of the Nazi regime of Second World War Norway … 

The Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival (July 19th – 21st) will be screening the film in the amazing mobile cinema. Really looking forward to the discussion at this fantastic event.

Very excited to learn that the film will be showing at the Laborfest, USA. More news to follow.

Wednesday 17th April – Tonight is the big night where the film will be shown for the first time in the UK. An excited audience of actors, crew, friends and families are making their way to the Phoenix.

Monday 25th March Everything is ready and we’re set up for the premiere in Oslo.

Nice article in Aktuelt – the magazine for the Norwegian Teachers’ Union about the film and the story.

Tuesday 19th February Composer Matt Pullum has just made the finish touches to the music and it will be added over the next few days.

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