Host a screening

Host a screening to help get The Teachers’ Protest seen and discussed around the world.

We think that the story of the Norwegian teachers is so important we would like it to be shown not just in cinemas but in halls, at union meetings, film clubs, schools, colleges and campaigning groups. The film is in English but subtitled versions are available in Norwegian, Spanish and French.

The licence fee varies depending on audience size, the type of screening and your requirements, so if you get in touch and tell us what you need, we will be able to give you a quote.  The fee goes towards the costs of production and distribution of the film. We suggest that you charge an entrance fee to cover this.  

Please fill out the contact form to request a screening.

If you would like to hold a screening of The Teachers’ Protest, this document will help you organise it.

We can also help to arrange a Q&A with the filmmakers, actors or film interviewees. Online events have proved very popular since the Covid pandemic. Please let us know what you require and we can discuss this.


Of course, The Teachers’ Protest is proving popular with schools, colleges and universities – whether it be through History, Politics or Social Studies and Citizenship. The themes of the film are powerful tools for discussion in the classroom. 

If you would like to screen The Teachers’ Protest at your University / College / School, we can help you with that.  You may want to make the screening a one off event or you may want to ask for a library license, which would mean the film could be screened a number of times in different venues as part of a course.

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